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5 places to buy your engagement session dresses that won't disappoint

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Most couples spend a good about of time mulling over the perfect outfit for their engagement session. Why? They document a monumental time in their relationship. They are heirlooms for their family to cherish. They announce to the world that together they have decided to spend life together. And of course, who doesn't want to look good while doing so! ;)

So I've created this list for my future brides to hopefully take some stress off of finding that perfect dress!

  1. ASOS Let's start out with one of my favorites! ASOS is mostly an online retailer and a great place no matter your style and budget. They have flow-y to body hugging, casual to occasion dresses in every color imaginable. They also have some great filter options if you have something in mind already too.

  2. Lulus Lulus is another crowd favorite amongst my clients. They have pretty dresses that range in style too. Modern to boho, flow-y to silhouette, and short to long. Their price point is pretty reasonable too.

  3. Bohme Bohme is another place where you can find some pretty dresses while still being reasonable. They have dresses that are little more boho and sometimes casual but again are so pretty!

  4. Reformation Now Reformation is little bit more on the pricey side but their dresses are gorgeous and worth every penny. Their dresses are simple, modern, and guarantee to turn heads.

  5. Needle & Thread Needle & Thread is also on the pricey side but let me tell you. Their dresses are drop, dead gorgeous. These are dresses that will make all your fairy tail dreams come true with their embroidery, beading, and silhouettes. Any one who sees dress will drool over the gorgeous-ness.

Don't worry gentleman! I'll be making a list of places to find some stylish pieces for you too soon! :)



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