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faves: san luis obispo edition

Fresno is home. It has so many great things going for itself but sometimes a weekend getaway is just what you need to recharge from a stressful week at work, the kids, or just because.

My hubby, Aaron, and I are huge fans of the San Luis Obispo area and it is often where we find ourselves on that weekend getaway. SLO has everything from restaurants, shops, hotels, and nearby beaches. I just wanted to hop on here and share some of my faves in the area.

Higuera Street in San Luis Opisbo
Higuera Street in San Luis Opisbo

Now this shop is right off main street, Higuera, in the Creamery Marketplace. It is a pretty new spot but they definitely have figured out their coffee to the T. They do the classics great but they also have some signature coffees that are a must try. They also have a sister company that makes cocktail drink mixes that are made with fresh ingredients which you can try in shop with sparkling water.

This place is right next to Withco Coffee in the Creamery Marketplace so you won't have to go very far for lunchtime snacks and endless of choices of ciders. They have 30 cider choices, 160 beers, and 100 wines. And not to mention, a gourmet menu of tapas. They have cheese boards, crostini, skewers, and more. These ratatouille, goat cheese, and pesto crostini (pictured below) were so good and packed with tons of flavor. Also, the environment is a vibe because it definitely reminds me of a french style bistro with the cute outdoor seating.

Granada Bistro is not your typical fine dining experience. You will definitely see people in shorts and flip flops as opposed to suits and heels. But, oh my, the food does not fall short of expectations. It is a must if you and the family would like to have a real foodie experience. The ambiance of the restaurant, whether you are inside or on their patio, adds even more to your experience. Especially, if you are celebrating something think about treating yourself to the Granada Bistro.

Pictured are: the Kentucky Colonel with is rye, mint, lime, angostura bitters, ginger beer; hanger steak with oven-roasted fennel, fingerlings potatoes, chimichurri, and marrow butter; and the berry pie with berry compote, and buttermilk ice cream.

Len Collective definitely is a lifestyle general store where you will find something for everyone. They have everything from his & hers beauty products, baby clothes, books, and home decor. It seems that a large portion of the brands or items they carry are conscious as well. If you are looking for a gift for someone or maybe even yourself, it is a must to stop by Len Collective.

Now, this technically is not in San Luis Obispo but it is only about a 20 minute drive away. You can get a little bit everything with in the park: beach, hiking, golf (I'm terrible so that' a pass for me), and a cute seafood restaurant. It is honestly just a great place to hang out and relax. Sometimes we need that reconnection with nature and Morro Bay State Park is one my favorite places to do so. It also has a special place in my heart because Aaron and I took our engagement photos here!

I hope the next time you are in the area that this list might lead you in the right direction to your next fave spot in San Luis Obispo!



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