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wardrobe guide & tips for your family photoshoot

Hey Guys! One of the most asked questions once I have booked a family session is, "What should my family and I wear?" It is very important to think about wardrobe when preparing for your session but probably not for the reason you think. Wardrobe is not just about making you or your family look good but it speaks to your family's aesthetic and vibe. I know, I know that may sound pretentious but it's true. You want your photos to speak to who your family is as a whole and wardrobe definitely helps with that. The perfect wardrobe can also help with confidence during your session. If you think you look good, it will help you feel good.

So I have put together some things to think about when you are planning your family's wardrobe for your next family session....

1. Always pick something comfortable

Feeling comfortable is very important because you want to be able to move with ease. Being uncomfortable will show in your photos and you will just look really stiff. Also if you have little ones, you want to be able to pick them up or get down to their level to show them affection. 

2. No loud prints

Prints can be too busy. You want your eye to be drawn to your family and not those loud leopard print pants. Your wardrobe should compliment and not distract.

3. Pick a color palette that goes with your location

Pick a color palette that the entire family will follow but make sure that it goes with the location that you pick out. You don't want to clash with your surroundings. Think about wearing neutrals, they tend to photograph really well.

4. Don't be match-matchy, instead compliment each other

Please, please don't let your family look like makeshift clones. Everyone has their own personality and their wardrobe should reflect that while still complimenting the rest of the family.

5. Stick to looking classy instead of trendy Pick outfits that will be timeless. Stray away from trendy items especially if they don't speak to you or your family's personality. 

Bonus: To look extra cute,  Mom think about getting your hair and make-up done by a professional or a friend that is really good at hair and make-up!





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